FAR Q&A GPT Search

Search the Federal Acquisition Regulations with ACG Generative Pre-training Transformer (GPT) AI search.

Enterprise Secure Solution

Solution is hosted in Microsoft Government Cloud instance behind Azure AD authentication. FedRAMP.

Model Data

FAR.PDF – 2019 version (2038 pages).

Privacy and Security

Your prompts (inputs) and completions (outputs), your embeddings, and your training data:
– are NOT available to other customers.
– are NOT available to OpenAI.
– are NOT used to improve OpenAI models.
– are NOT used to improve any Microsoft or 3rd party products or services.
– are NOT used for automatically improving Azure OpenAI models for your use in your resource (The models are stateless, unless you explicitly fine-tune models with your training data).
– Your fine-tuned Azure OpenAI models are available exclusively for your use.
– The Azure OpenAI Service is fully controlled by Microsoft; Microsoft hosts the OpenAI models in Microsoft’s Azure environment and the Service does NOT interact with any services operated by OpenAI (e.g. ChatGPT, or the OpenAI API).



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